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How does Sponsorship work



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International Adventurers works with sponsors to promote their goods and services.

The sport depends on teamwork and by teaming up with an adventure racing team your products and or services will be publicised worldwide. Adventure racing is a fast growing sport and the expedition type races in which we compete are featured on both terrestrial and satellite television as well as on the Internet, in books, magazines and newspapers.  You can Support us at three levels:


Main Sponsor:  Provide race entry fees and travel expenses.


 At this level your company logos will be applied to race clothing and equipment used during racing and training and team members will work with you and put on team building/motivations seminars. Space will be provided on team website with links to your website. Team will race under sponsors name.


Associate Sponsor: Provide major equipment or race expenses such as food/ accommodation.


  Space provided on teams website together with links to sponsors website. Logos on equipment supplied Acknowledgement in Press releases etc.


Support Sponsor: Provide equipment, clothing or other services.

Space provided on teams website together with links to sponsors website. Acknowledgement in race reports.



To quote from a previous sponsor:

I sponsored a team in an international event.  The exposure we got in some important countries was excellent and the Compaq logo appeared in many favourable press documents