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International Adventurers was formed by David Ogden during the summer 1999. Members of the current squad have also raced for the following teams :

      Team Compaq also known as Anglo American Adventurers

Team Just Adventure

Team RawTeam Sprayway/Bridgedale              

Team Hombres De Maiz

Team Multipower           

Team Swat

Team Planet Fear

Team Russia

Team Bask

Team Ruahine Kayaks

International Adventurers Mission

The main aim is to become a major force in the world of adventure racing.


 The team, named International Adventurers because of the locations around the globe where the team hail from formed as a team to be noted after competing in the EMA in 2001.

We performed extremely well in Brazil and were awarded a prize for being the friendliest and happiest team. We decided then that we had what it takes to get to the World Championships.


 The second aim  is to qualify and compete in the next World Championships.

 This will set us up as a force to be reckoned with and with that in mind we will be aiming at going on from there with a view to start first placing in events.


 Listed on this site is our racing schedule for this coming twelve months leading up to and including the World Championships.


 We have a manager and have a long-term ambition to become a professional team.

 Team Nokia from Finland race all year round and are almost a professional team, as are a number of American teams, the racing becomes their jobs.


 To become an institution where people of all abilities will be able to join us and train in what is now becoming a new sporting phenomenon, an adventure-racing club.

 Because of our international links these clubs and training facilities are being set up at present, by International Adventurers, in Guatemala, Cyprus and in the UK, The USA has a number of training facilities in place already.


 To write a book based on the struggle of the team from their dream to reality bid to get to the world championships.

The first draft section of the book, which is based on the EMA event, our first event as the present team , is available on request.


To write an book about the sport .


A-Z of Adventure Racing   Available  in April 2006 Click Here for Details

Contact Information 

to learn more about International Adventurers contact our Team Manager: David Ogden. 

Finding it hard to fund your sport International Adventurers has the answer


                                      Click Here to Contact David Ogden



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