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The event will start in Paphos. The registration venue will be published on the event website 14 days before the start of the event. It will be the responsibility of the team to report to this position at the designated time for registration and briefing. Any team missing the final event briefing will be disqualified from partaking in the event. The closest International Airport for the Odyssey is Paphos.


Each team must consist of 4 members of which at least one has to be of the opposite sex. No person under the age of 18 will be allowed to compete in this event.

Entry for the event will open in  January 2003 and close on 15 Dec 2004. No changes in team members will be entertained after 01 Feb 2004.

Teams (at least one member of the team) must be capable of the following:

bulletFirst Aid. (Certification required)
bulletNavigating by compass and map and GPS.

All team members must be suitably qualified in Abseiling, be competent swimmers, not afraid of heights and be able to complete the Odyssey without any assistance from any person other than own team members.


Each team member will be supplied with a "bib", displaying the Cyprus Odyssey sponsors branding. All personal gear/clothing is available for individual branding. This bib is to be worn as the outermost layer of clothing for the entire event.

Teams who have obtained sponsorship of their own are also free to brand any other area of their clothing.


A team will be considered as having entered on :

Payment of US$ 2500-00 International event entry fee confirmed. (Includes kayak rental, Accommodation pre and post event as well as prizegiving) Either received as cash payment or alternatively the successful confirmed transfer of funds into the organisers bank account, and Receipt of completed event entry form with signed acceptance of all the conditions by all team members, as well as the required First Aid and Climbing/Abseiling Certification.

Cyprus Entry Fee of CYP 1000-00  does not include accommodation, before or after the race.

Any team withdrawing from the event after the closing date will not be entitled to a refund of their entry fee. Any withdrawal after entering will only be entitled to a 50% refund.



The event must be started and completed by the entire team.

All the members of the team must be within visual and hearing distance of all other members of their team at all times.

No substitutions will be allowed.

The team is to complete the entire event without any assistance.

 The use of any form of motorised transport is prohibited.

Teams receiving any form of assistance, including medical assistance, whilst not in a transition area, will be considered as having withdrawn from the event.

Teams are required to pass through all transitions and checkpoints and waypoints. At each of the transitions or checkpoints points the team captain, or a person designated by him/her, is to produce their ID for inspection and marking. The missing of any transition, checkpoint or waypoint will result in disqualification unless the team returns to the missed transition/checkpoint or waypoint  and re-do the route from this point onwards.

Where teams are required to comply with time restrictions during an event this will be for safety or logistical considerations. Failure to meet a designated cut-off will require the team to lay-up (camp) overnight. The time spent camping overnight is considered as part of the elapsed time in the case of a safety cut-off.

The first team to complete the event by passing over the finish line, having complied with the rules and regulations, will be considered the winning team.

Disqualification/Time Penalties

Any team transgressing the visual and hearing distance rule will be disqualified.

Any team found not to be equipped with the minimum safety equipment, as specified, during a kit inspection will be disqualified.

Any team found to have transgressed the rules and regulations of the event and/or acting contrary to the spirit of the Adventure Odyssey will be liable to disqualification or a time penalty.

The principles for imposing such a disqualification or penalty will be as follows:

All senior marshals may,

bulletimpose a time penalty of up to 15 minutes for actions contrary to the spirit of the event, or
bulletimpose a time penalty, doubling the time gained, in his opinion, from a transgression of the rules and regulations of the event, providing that any such transgression was not to the detriment of other teams under which circumstances the time penalty will be imposed and the transgression be referred to the Race Director for consideration.

The Race Director may impose a disqualification or an additional time penalty taking into consideration the spirit of the event and a statement from the applicable team captain should he wish to explain/justify the teams actions.



The Cyprus Odyssey is being conducted in environmentally sensitive areas teams are to adhere to the following stipulations at all times:

All waste is to be carried to the closest transition or checkpoint for disposal.

Human waste is to be buried between 20 and 25cm below the soil surface.

Picking of flowers, cutting of walking sticks and/or any damage to the natural vegetation (even though they might appear to be dead) is prohibited.

The making of fires, whatever the circumstances and no matter how small, are prohibited along the entire route.

The transgression of any of the above will render the entire team liable to prosecution and any event will result in the team being disqualified and barred from competing in any future Cyprus Odyssey.



Any team wishing to appeal or complain any aspect, of the event is to do so in writing, appeals within 24 hrs of completing the event.

The Event Organizer as advised by Senior Marshals will consider appeals.


Teams must attend the prize giving ceremony to qualify for prizes and/or any promotional items. Prize giving is scheduled for Saturday 21February 2004 but may be brought forward if all teams complete the race substantially before the midday cut-off on Saturday, 21Feb.


  revised 09/01/2003