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Now you can taste life!

ACAI - the World’s #1 Superfood as seen on Oprah Dr. Nicholas Perricone says in his bestseller The Perricone Promise, that ACAI is #1 of the 10 superfoods that will help us look younger and age better...

Active healthy bodies require a constant flow of energy. When your body needs Immune Support, Antioxidants, Energy to burn, Nutrients, Vitamins, Fruits and Berries...                          

RioVida delivers!

ACAI (ah-sigh-ee) are recently discovered deep purple nutritional wonder nicknamed NATURES ENERGY FRUIT.

RioVida is also the only nutritional beverage to contain Transfer Factors to educate our immune systems about a present or potential danger & equip it with a plan of action. Now you have an alternative to taking your supplements in a pill. Stop rusting from the inside out - start your day with the RioVida Rush!

And how does RioVida taste?

“Think a vibrant blend of wild berries with a hint of chocolate.”     In a word – SENSATIONAL!!!

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