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Competitor Equipment

Individual                                                                   Team

Equipment box marked on 4 sides and top with team number


Sea Kayaking

Lifejacket/PFD                                                                                  Two towlines


Mountain Biking

Mountain Bike

ANSI Approved Cycling helmet

Rear flashing light

Front Light

Repair kit  

2 spare Tubes



Compulsory Equipment (all legs)

Individual                                                                                   Team

Compass                                                                                      Altimeter

Backpack                                                                                      Shelter/tent for all team

Torch                                                                                             Flares

Knife                                                                                              2 sleeping bags 

Waterproof outer shell                                                                15 meters Dynamic rope min 8MM

Food 36 hours                                                                                 GPS  

Water min 3 liters

Emergency blanket/bag


Lighter/waterproof matches

Emergency Strobe light SOLAS  

2 Lightsticks

Dry Bag for rucksack

First Aid Kit containing at least the following:

bulletAnti -
bulletAnti Histamine
bulletWater Purification tables/liquid
bulletDehydration powders
bulletElastic bandage
bulletStrapping tape
bulletPain killers
bulletAnt- septic liquid (betadine/povidone)

 The following equipment will not be allowed :

Any form of radio communications equipment.
Any firearm or weapon.

Any maps other than those issued by the organiser.


Last updated 3/12/02